2013 September 15 BonSue Brandvik & Belleview Biltmore Newsletter

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2013 September Newsletter



 Belleview Biltmore 1917Radio broadcaster, Corey Dylan (of the morning show with Jack Harris) hosts a 1/2 hour program called “Tampa Bay Today” that broadcasts on Clear Channel 9 local affiliate radio stations in the Tampa Bay area.

  This week, the topic of her show was the historic Belleview Biltmore. She held a panel discussion with Town of Belleair Commissioner, Steve Fowler, Jim White, President of Belleair’s Residential Planned Development, and preservationist, Rae Claire Johnson to discuss the historic hotel’s value and the on-going preservation efforts.

   Local air broadcast times are listed below, but if you’re not local, don’t worry. September 16th, the Monday after the interview airs, you should be able to find the podcast link via the “Communities” section on any of the Clear Channel stations listed below.

   The link for the Communities page on 970 WFLA is:


 These are the date and times the broadcast will air locally:

 (970) – WFLA-AM 8:30 p.m. Saturday
(93.3) – WFLZ-FM 7:00 a.m. Sunday
(103.5) – WFUS-FM 10:00 p.m. Sunday
(97.9) – WXTB-FM 7:00 a.m. Sunday
(620) – WDAE-AM 7:00 a.m. Saturday
(100.7) – WMTX-FM 7:00 a.m. Sunday
(95.7) – WBTP-FM 7:30 a.m. Sunday
(1250) – WHNZ-AM 8:05 a.m. Sunday

After you listen, let me know what you think!  www.970wfla.com


Pearls Cover -  Square Design- 200 pxNOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT, E-BOOK & AUDIO!

  Honor Macklin has no idea the Belleview Biltmore Resort is haunted when she decides to stay there while settling her mother’s estate in Belleair, Florida. But the Victorian spirits who are invading her dreams to share memories from the life of a young, troubled Victorian woman aren’t her only problem. Although he was only supposed to be a vacation fling, she has fallen hard for Josh Lancing, a single dad with a clairvoyant, four-year-old son. Also, her mother’s spirit could be haunting the old family home Honor is preparing to put on the market. And now she’s learned her conniving ex-husband/business partner is plotting a coup in her absence. She’s running out of time. If she doesn’t figure out some answers soon, she stands to lose everything from her livelihood to a chance at true love. 
The setting for this novel is the famous and currently endangered historic Belleview Biltmore Resort in Belleair, FL. The hotel was built in 1896 by one of Florida’s founding fathers, Henry B. Plant. The author is working with preservationists, hoping to find investors willing to save the wonderful, 820,000 sq. ft. hotel from demolition. For additional information, please visit:
www.BonSueBrandvik.com and/or www.SaveTheBiltmore.com

To buy “Pearls”, click on the desired format: Paperback  Kindle  Nook   Audio


0 Front Cover 2x3 in  When two boys find themselves on Santa’s “Naughty List,” one of them plots to ruin Christmas for everyone. It’s up to the other child to help Santa recover his magical Time-Stopper-House-Hopper in time to save Christmas for his little brother and all the other nice children in the world.

   The simple story teaches valuable lessons about taking responsibility for one’s actions and behaving selflessly, without expectation of recognition or reward.

  “Coal for Christmas” is currently available in print format and would make a perfect gift for the children in your life as we approach the Christmas holiday season.

   “Coal for Christmas” is also being made into an application for electronic tablets. Hopefully, it will be finished and on the market in the near future. With the app, children will be able to choose to read the story by swiping/clicking pages or have the story read to them by a male or female voice.

Below are images of the cover and draft home page for the app. Watch for a release in the near future!


Coal for Christmas

this will be the home page for the Coal for Christmas app

Coal for Christmas

This is the “Coal for Christmas” app thumbnail cover



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