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Where Do You Live, Exactly?

By: BonSue Brandvik

“Where Do You Live” – An interactive, educational activity book and personalized keepsake rolled into one, “Where Do You Live, Exactly?” uses the principle of Russian nesting dolls to reduce the size of the universe one page at a time, until the book ends in the child’s own bedroom. Through the use of repetition and personalization, the child has fun ‘filling in the blanks’ and gluing-in or coloring pictures to put themselves at ‘the center of the story’, while at the same time, learning the basic design of the universe and personal address information. Depending upon the child’s age and literacy level, the personalized portions of the story can be completed entirely by an adult; by an adult and child working together; or by the child working independently. When the child outgrows the book, tuck it away with childhood memorabilia to preserve a precious sample of their handwriting and drawings.

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kids books: Where Do You Live, Exactly?

kids books: Coal For Christmas

Coal for Christmas

By: BonSue Brandvik

When Bad Gordon steals Santa’s magic Time-Stopper-House-Hopper and tries to ruin Christmas for all the nice children, it’s up to Marcus to help save the day, even though he knows that his name is on the “Naughty List,” and all he will be getting from Santa is a lump of Coal for Christmas!

A great addition to your collection of kids books!

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