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Last Night at the Hotel

Like a group of unruly children playing a game of cat and mouse with security, many of the final guests of the Belleview Biltmore, including me, ran amuck last night; touring all the closed off parts of the hotel, taking pictures and telling ghost stories until late into the night. Though I knew the fifth floor rooms of the hotel, originally quarters for nannies and other domestic staff, were small had had been used primarily for storage for the last several decades, that knowledge didn’t provide the same sense of understanding that our unauthorized tour did. These rooms will become the elite suites of the restored hotel, so this was our last chance to feel, touch and imagine the winter living quarters of people who are long-gone from this earth… well, at least physically

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The word PARANORMAL is defined by Websters as follows:

Par . a . nor . mal

Impossible to explain scientifically: Unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge

Paranormal things: Paranormal events or phenomena

Adverb: Paranormally

The world I create for the Spirits of Belleview supports this definition. Though fictional, my world offers possible answers to phenomena that might exist but have yet to be proven.

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In the world I create for the characters in my novels, Spirits and Ghosts are not the same thing. Spirits retain their memories, personalities, etc., while Ghosts are just a splinter of their former selves.

The division happens just after a person dies and spots the lighted path, to which all are drawn. Most float down the path and disappear into the light, never returning to this realm. Sometimes, however, entities become aware of the path and resist its pull.

When the entire entity leaves the lighted path, an intact spirit results. On the other hand, when only a part of the entity fights the light and breaks off, the part of the individual that remains in this realm becomes a ghost of its former self.

Spirits can travel to any place they went while they were alive and at times, can enter the dreams of the living to share memories from their lifetime. Ghosts, however, are left in this realm without the majority of their memories. Confused and often angry/evil, they tend to haunt the location of their death or the one place to which they are inexplicably drawn.

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